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We welcome all authors to participate.

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Any author is welcome to participate.

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Laguna Madre Art League

What we do...

The Laguna Madre Art League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As such we dedicate our funding to promoting art appreciation and artistic displays, enhancing artist skill sets, and most importantly supporting our young artists as they developed the necessary skills to become the next generation of fine art producers. Our emphasis and objective is to stimulate art appreciation, enhance artistic skills and promote the showing and marketing of art created by our member artists. 

DEAR Texas, Inc.

Mission Statement

Dear Texas goal is simple, to encourage more people of ALL ages to read more. While this sounds like a simple goal, it is, in fact, a very difficult goal to accomplish, as reading still continues to compete against TV and electronic devices. But, that is also the challenge we love.

Showing people, the joy of reading can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, is education, followed by testimonies and then by meeting actual authors and helping readers learn how authors think and why they write. Giving readers a personal one-on-one connection to an author provides an incentive to read a book. Once a reader is able to find a good book, they are hooked on the possibilities that exist. Their creative mind is awakened and how they deal with life then changes.


B4R.Store is the only bookstore that pays authors their fair share from the sales of their books. This means that readers can find great books, get them autographed, or simply download them for their enjoyment.

Readers can check out our great selection of Indie Author books at http://B4R.store

Authors can learn how to participate in this unique bookstore at http://B4Rbooks.com



Authors Marketing International, LLC

In August 2011, B Alan Bourgeois, who is an author and was a publisher at the time, realized the value of as well as the struggle of marketing books. Through the process to better understand the dynamics of marketing books, he created the Texas Association of Authors (TxAuthors). His one goal has remained the same through the growth of the organization: Helping authors to better learn how to market and sell their books.  Click here to join this great organization.